Catering and Institutions

Creation, Advice, and Training

Creating varied and balanced menus in institutions and food service is essential to ensure dietary balance. It must respond to the specific dietary requirements of the customers, adhere to nutritional guidelines, and meet the specifications. This ensures a healthy, diverse diet in compliance with food quality and food safety standards, promoting the well-being of the customers and the efficient management of collective catering establishments.
Michèle Frisch
Michèle Frisch

Creation of menu

Creation of customized menus that are balanced, compliant with latest regulations, and adapted to the specific needs of individuals and institutions. This approach ensures a healthy, diverse diet in line with the requirements of each situation.

Dietary advice

Advice for a balanced diet that is suitables to customers.

Guidelines and recommendations for creating balanced meals that include a variety of foods while considering preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies, and specific diets of each customer.

Promoting a healthy diet to companies and institutions.

Staff Training

Training kitchen staff and supervisors to ensure the quality of preparations and food safety.

Opportunity to create customized training upon request.

Validation of menus

Menus are reviewed, adjusted if necessary, and approved by a nutrition professional, ensuring a balanced diet suitable for the specific needs of each individual.

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