Pregnant and Nursing Women

Nutrition for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding is extremely important for the health of both the mother and the baby. It is recommended to consult a dietitian for a meal plan.

The specific nutritional needs during this period require special attention to ensure optimal growth and development.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to receive personalized nutritional advice that will help you navigate this period optimally.
Michèle Frisch
Michèle Frisch

Medical history and initial assessment

We address the nutritional requirements specific to pregnancy. These needs are heightened due to the significant changes that occur during this period. The goal is to ensure that the mother receives the necessary nutrients for her own health as well as for the healthy development of the fetus.

Meal planning

We discuss which food groups to prioritize and avoid. During pregnancy, it is essential to do appropriate food choices to ensure that both the mother and the baby receive the necessary nutrients while minimizing potential risks.

Questions and concerns

I respond to the questions specific to the pregnant women regarding nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Individual concerns are addressed, whether it's about safe food choices, managing morning sickness, weight gain, dietary supplements, or other relevant topics for a healthy pregnancy.

My goal is to provide accurate and personalized answers to help each pregnant woman in order to take good nutrition decisions.

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